What is Gold IRA Rollover?

your ira260Gold IRA Rollover is the process when your retirement plan or 401k is rolled into an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). This not only provides tax advantages for retirement savings in the United States, but it’s also backed by the incorruptible and immune to inflation commodity,  gold or other precious metals.

That is why it’s important to consider if you want to safeguard your future.



The Simple Truth About The State of Our ‘Economy’


gold ira rolloverIt’s well known fact that then “system” is currently not working as it supposed, and it’s no longer just talk, but a harsh reality. In matter a fact, the last decade has been harsh, to say the least. First we had the dot-com bubble and the stock market crush of 2001 and then the real estate bubble and the great recession.

The honest truth is that the traditional stocks retirements accounts don’t have the best track record, and the only people that will ultimately pay the price are the ones with money directly in them.

I’m not saying this to scare anyone, as it is not ones of them predictions that might or not might come true, it already happened. But it’s not too late to get yourself out, and have a gold IRA rollover


Why Gold IRA Rollover Might Be Right For You


When I found out what was happening to our economy, and how the people that caused it were not help responsible, I was furious. I guess this is a natural response, as not only were they taking money money and wasting it, the government decided to buy them out, as they were deemed to big to fail.

Then I did what I suspect most do, complain and talk about it with my friends and relatives. You know the Sunday dinner political talk, and how everything is not as it supposed to be.

Then one day it hit me, that no one was doing anything about it.  I mean complaining does give one a sense of satisfaction, but in the end it’s productive. So instead of complaining I’ve started researching on what I can do to change my future. When I got to the retirement, gold IRA rollover seemed like a wise choice.


gold ira rollover


Why Super-Rich Buy Gold By The Ton


richman300Everyone have heard the phrase, “Do what they say- not what they do” and it’s one of the key phrases to remember when investing. After all, anyone can call themselves an expert and tell you what to do, but actions speak louder than words.

So instead of choosing sides based on what the experts say, as they tend to disagree a lot, I decided to go to the source and find out the truth.  One of the first articles I’ve stubnmle upon was in The Telegraph, titled: Super-rich buy gold by the to. It was interesting to see how in 2010, almost ever filthy rich person was transferring most or at least a part of their assets in gold.

Why? Because like Josef Stadler said”they don’t only buy ETFs or futures; they buy physical gold.”  After all, investing money into futures that might or might not pan out is okay if you have millions of dollars to invest, but you also need something solid. That’s why even the richest want to have a nice gold cushion to fall back on.

This is not the only isolated event, but it keeps recurring over and over again through history. That’s why gold is and has been a safeguard for any portfolio for, literately thousands of years and why gold IRA rollover makes so much sense.


Is Today The Right Time For Gold IRA Rollover?


retirement300I’ve studied economics at college, and one of the keys proverbs that helped me understand how economists think was: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

I’ll be honest, I’m also guilty of regret of things not doing sooner, or when it seems the most logical. The truth is that there is no time like this, or at least you don’t realize the time is now, until it’s too late.

I mean sure, if you had a  $33,000 Gold IRA in 2004 by 2012 you would have had $129,551.12 as represented in the image below.

But that’s in the past, and I bet you don’t want to look at a similar image of Gold IRA in 10 years showing you how much you could have had in 2023 or 2022 if you invested in 2013.


What To Do If You’re Interested


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